Mestizo cuisine

Dunia and Espartaco Borga have one mission: to bring a “mestizo” experience to the table. Mestizo, a Spanish word which describes a mixture of European, African and American Indian races comprise much of the population of Latin America.  For the past 8 years, Colombian-Yugoslavian Dunia Borga and Mexican-Venezuelan Espartaco Borga have joined forces in life and in the kitchen to make dishes that exemplify their mixed heritage. From their Cuban-styled chicken with sour orange mojo prepared with champagne to their own version of Mexican chilaquiles with gruyere cheese, this husband and wife team invaded Dallas with delicious traditional Latin American fare that preserves the integrity of classical dishes, yet is continuously refreshed with European elements.

In their restaurants, they have shied away from the Nuevo Latino wave of the 1990’s that sometimes got overly experimental with typical Latin ingredients like mango and plantains. Here, they have applied their philosophy, respecting traditional Latin flavors like the achiote-spiked shredded beef they use in their rendition of Venezuelan pabellón criollo and creating an environment that’s warm, cozy and familiar.

At their table, as in all of Latin America, family is the foundation of life. “We don’t just consider family our blood relatives, but anyone who sits at our table and shares our meal. Whether waiter, neighbor, friend or stranger, during those precious moments, they all become family.”

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