Sunflower Tart

Maybe it’s Spring, that finally showed its face today. Maybe it’s the citrus craze with all its shiny brightness that brings relief during these last few days of Winter. Whatever it is that made me do it, I tasted the Luscious Lemon Tart (available at your neighborhood Starbucks) a few days ago. It was a promising bridge into the season. And really versatile. Pair it with a cup of earl gray on a rainy day, or pack it as dessert for a picnic in the sun.

The tart was tangy and tart, with a subtle lemony flavor that said hi in a very gentle way. The bright flavor of the lemon custard, sticky and spongy, married the buttery sweetness of its crust.  The crust reminded me of all those Royal Dansk cookies I used to devour as a kid. Like a sunflower, it’ll pick you up.

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