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My Top 10 list for an NYC holiday

A view of the East River from Manhattan

This year, I’ll be celebrating a tropical holiday. After six years in NYC, G and I decided to change things up a bit and follow the sun this year. We have gotten a beating the past few weeks with temperatures in the 20’s, so I’m looking forward to shaking off the cold for a couple of days.

I have to admit there’s something very special about celebrating the holidays in a winter wonderland (especially when the snow starts to fall). So I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 things (food-related, of course) that I will miss about having an NYC holiday.

In the meantime, I hope you have a happy, blessed week with many new discoveries, wherever the holidays find you.

My Top 10 for an NYC Holiday

10. Shopping in the charming outdoor Holiday markets and noshing on cool snacks like olive and feta cheese pretzels (Columbus Circle), almond and sage cookies (Union Square) and Max Brenner’s hot chocolate (Bryant Park).

9. A piping hot bowl of Vietnamese Phó shared with a group of loud and crazy friends over Sunday supper.

8. Early dinners of steamy Halal platters with delicate strips of lamb, the lightest rice on earth and an out of this world yogurt sauce to marry all the ingredients together.

7. Indulging in holiday drinks like “Dominican egg-nog” and after going out for a late-night walk in the cold while feeling warm and fuzzy.

6. Rediscovering the pleasure of drinking tea by tossing aside the familiar and experimenting with flavors like elderflower green tea, gen mai cha and South African rooibos in TeaGschwendner, my new favorite tea shop.

5. Getting creative in the kitchen with squash, brussel sprouts and all the fall produce!

4. Preparing steamy soups that nourish the spirit and warm the belly in my beloved blue pot .

3. A dinner of lemony avgolemono  from Uncle Nick’s, our neighborhood Greek spot.

2. Picnic lunches in the office with fresh baguettes, thin veils of prosciutto, fresh and creamy mozzarella, fig jam and green salad, all from quick runs to Eat-aly!

and the number one thing I will miss about spending my holidays in NYC is:

Eating ice-cream when it’s 20 degrees outside ’cause it means you can take your sweet time and really savor every bite!

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