La Filosofía: A Legacy in Motion

Aprons from La Filosofía

In her grandparent’s kitchen in Miami, Ana Sofía Pelaez would stir her grandmother’s natilla as it simmered on the stove. She was 5 years old.

Little did she know that years later, after moving to New York for school and leaving a career in filmmaking, she would dive back into the world of cocina latina with her blog Hungry Sofía. Here she prepares everything from rustic fainá from Uruguay to classic coconut flan from Cuba, using her grandparents’ mixer and bowls in the kitchen and furthering their legacy.

Last month, Pelaez launched a line of cleverly designed aprons with her sister, which they named La Filosofía after their grandfather’s department store in Havana. “We wanted to come up with something that would represent our heritage,” she said.

The aprons, which are as functional as they are beautiful, are made out of comfortable eco-twill and have a patterned laminated canvas positioned across the midsection, an area that tends to easily get soiled. The different apron designs, which currently go by the name of “Alicia”, “Gisela”, and “Gloria”, are a tribute to the women in the family. Right now, tucked inside the aprons is a recipe for Cuban merenguitos, one of Pelaez’s favorite childhood desserts, which she hopes inspires people and sends them straight to the kitchen.

For Pelaez, her days are dedicated to the two driving forces which have, and continue to define her life: food and family.  “We definitely want to stay true to who we are,” she said.

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