How to Cook: Green Plantains Three Ways

Hi Friends! Today we are going to learn how to cook the versatile green plantain, a staple of Dominican cooking, in three different ways.

Here in Miami, you may have seen green plantains at your local store. If you live elsewhere, you may have seen green plantains and done a double take thinking, why would anyone want to buy green bananas? Well, make sure you pick them up next time you are in the store and try these recipes. They are going to rock your world!

Green plantains have a firm and starchy texture when they are green and as they ripen their skin changes from green to yellow to black as their sugars concentrate and they become more sweet.

Plantains are considered a superfood due to their high vitamin content, including vitamin A, vitamin C, magnesium and potassium (they actually have twice the amount of potassium than a regular banana).

I did a little research on the green plantain and found a couple of curious facts. Alexander the Great found plantains in Pakistan in 327 B.C. The Roman philosopher Pliny the Elder referred to them as “the fruit of the wise”. Plantains were first domesticated in Papua New Guinea from 5000 – 8000 B.C. As global trade expanded, plantains found themselves in China in 200 A.D and reached Africa by the 6th century. Native to India, plantains are now grown commercially in the Caribbean, Central Africa, West Africa and Florida.

For the first recipe of today, we are going to make Dominican Mangú, a dish of mashed plantains usually prepared for breakfast in the Dominincan Republic and served with fried eggs, salami, avocado, and even sardines. The next two recipes involve pressing and frying the plantains into crispy golden disks. Tostones are a heartier than mariquitas and are great served as a side dish to any cozy stew this fall. Mariquitas are totally addictive and great to serve when hosting or entertaining. Think of them as your Latin potato chip! You can serve them with your favorite green sauce (I have an avocado green sauce I shared on IG @latinfoodie), spinach dip or even tomato salsa. So yummy!

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