Eating my way through Fajardo, Puerto Rico

What started out as a girls’ trip to the Caribbean ended up being an excellent opportunity to check out the food scene in the eastern coastal town of Fajardo, Puerto Rico. We sailed a catamaran and snorkeled in clear blue water, spotted a baby lemon shark swimming on the shore, and fell asleep to the lullaby of the native coqui frog. However, we also tasted Puerto Rican mofongo and alcapurrias, and talked to Brooklyn transplants Chef Kevin Roth and his wife Idalia about their five-year-old Nuyorican restaurant La Estacion. Stay tuned for my upcoming story in The Latin Kitchen about how this couple is turning Puerto Rican food on its head. In the meantime, these are some outtakes from the trip.

The sparkling Caribbean behind us

Grilled snapper with pineapple salsa, arepas, and green papaya salad

Cucumber cocktail palate cleanser at La Estacion

Mofongo relleno de pescado at Pasion por el Fogon

Chef Kevin Roth picking prickly pear from the garden of La Estacion

Heliconia in the garden of La Estacion

Trio de Tres Leches, flavored with Banana Almond, Chocolate, and Pineapple, at Pasion por el Fogon

View from our room at El Conquistador Hotel

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