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Need homeschooling help? Start with you

We are wrapping up our second week of distance learning and tears have been shed, voices have been raised, tensions have definitely run high as we struggle to find our groove. My daughter in a version of first grade that she didn’t plan for, with new teachers, new methodologies, new expectations, new friends. That’s a whole lot of change to process for a little person. Mom, on the other hand, has been trying her best to be mommy teacher, be patient and squeeze in slivers of productive work time any way she can. Some days it has been next to impossible. Other days, like today, I sit on a couch next to her desk with my laptop, reveling in quiet focus time.

Thankfully, I have been preparing for “battle” for quite a few weeks now. (I am not a teacher after all, and have learned that patience is definitely not my virtue.) I took a close look at some of my habits and realized that a lot of them were not serving me. So I made some small tweaks, streamlining the positive ones and reducing the negative ones. These changes have helped me feel more grounded, more in control of my emotions, and more steady in the face of meltdowns and frustrations.

If you are needing a reset for your body and mind, here are some ideas I have been working on

  • Waking up early and fixing myself a mug of tea every morning
  • Journaling for 15 minutes, total stream of consciousness style, just putting down on paper whatever comes to mind
  • Cutting back on coffee (and saving it for the weekend)
  • Mindfulness meditation for 10 minutes
  • Limiting my alcohol intake (boring but it has really helped with my sleep)
  • Working out, even if just a little every day
  • Eating A LOT of vegetables has reset my digestion and is boosting my immunity
  • Limiting my social media and news intake

Stumped on where to start? Learn more about habit hacking in Atomic Habits by James Clear,

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